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We offer a range of standard specifications to meet most requirements. These are listed below for quick reference.

1. Mesh count (aperture per linear inch or aperture size - 2. Wire diameter(s) in gauge or mm - 3. Metal type - 4. Type of weave of cloth - 5. Quantity and dimension of rolls or pieces generally cut from 48" wide rolls - 6. Application (if in doubt regarding size required, please ask for advice)

We can supply to order, cut pieces and discs if required.   If you cannot see your requirement listed or need advice, please give one of our sales desks a call.

Woven Wire Mesh

Particularly adaptable, Woven Wire Mesh is used in many industries and is suitable for use in commercial, architectural, pharmaceutical, medical and domestic applications.  It is available in a variety of materials which provide resistance to chemicals, high temperature and corrosive environments. 

Applications include

Woven Wire Mesh can also be used for reinforcement and strengthening and screen printing, whatever your requirements we stock a comprehensive range of Woven Wire Mesh in a choice of materials including Stainless woven wire mesh 304 and 316, Aluminium and Mild Steel. 

Product Table — Woven Wire Mesh

To simplify product selection you can 'Filter' each column. See table below.


Mesh Count
(per inch)

Aperture Size

Wire Diameter

Open Area

Roll Width

Price from

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Mild Steel101.640.9611.2£5.41
Mild Steel82.470.71601.2£1.70
Stainless 304101.980.56611.2£4.40
Stainless 304141.360.45561.2£4.00
Stainless 304161.190.4561.2£4.85
Stainless 304161.230.355601.2£2.10
Stainless 304200.920.355511.2£2.30
Stainless 304300.570.28451.2£2.50
Stainless 30444.750.999561.2£5.40
Stainless 30482.470.71601.2£2.60
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