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Perforated Metal

We stock a wide range of Perforated Metal suitable for many applications across many industries.  It is widely used in architecture as internal or external cladding. Other industries using perforated metal in the manufacture of their products include automotive, filtration, pharmaceutical, medical and food. 

Some uses include

We also stock a variety of decorative perforated metal in aluminium, brass and mild steel, stainless 304 and 316 and zinc, all of which are available in a choice of patterns, pitch, size and sheet thickness. 

Product Table — Perforated Metal

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Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered10153402.50 x 1.25£94.77
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered12173452.50 x 1.25£186.57
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered20272512.50 x 1.25£69.75
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered20273512.50 x 1.25£181.89
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered683512.50 x 1.25£242.55
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered10131532.50 x 1.25£38.43
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered10131.5532.50 x 1.25£107.37
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered10152402.50 x 1.25£74.61
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered12171.5452.50 x 1.25£124.29
Mild SteelPlainRoundStaggered15211.5462.50 x 1.25£61.83
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