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Expanded Metal — Stainless 304

Formed from a single piece of metal, Stainless 304 Expanded Metal possesses many properties, making it a very versatile material suitable for applications across many industries.   Because the mesh has been made from a single piece of metal and there are no breaks or welds, Stainless 304 Expanded Metal mesh is perfect when high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion is required.

Applications include

Our stainless 304 Expanded Metal is available in 2 types, raised or flattened expanded metal and in a variety of sizes that best suit your requirements.

Product Table — Stainless 304

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Mesh Size
lw x sw

Wire Thickness

Open Area
% Max

Sheet Size
lw x sw

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Raised927S3.18 x 1.810.1566420 x 10000£69.03
Flattened0794SF14.22 x 4.580.86531250 x 1250£47.61
Raised196S14.29 x 5.540.9571250 x 1250£68.67
Flattened197SF10.50 x 3.500.7521250 x 1250£49.05
Raised227S5.84 x 3.390.46611250 x 1250£48.06
Raised707S4.75 x 2.380.46511250 x 1250£68.40
Raised0798S19.05 x 7.260.9662500 x 1250£85.50
Raised1590S38.10 x 16.481.5772500 x 1250£58.50
Raised926S3.18 x 1.950.46191 x 1070£40.32
Raised95S30.48 x 10.500.46712500 x 700£13.14
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